Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hello, and once again, I got caught with stuff, so I couldn't make a blog post for THREE DAYS!
I'm very sorry, I'll try and not let it happen again, I'm so annoyed I haven't posted in such a long time, but I can't make time for this and all the other shit, but now I have! :D
Anyways, over the past three days, I've just been busy with a lot of random shite, so I apologize greatly, I'm not keeping to my promise to post everyday! D:

Anyways, news that I have is that me and a friend, have decided a cosplay for a con coming up for August! We're doing a Minecraft cosplay! I'm cosplaying as a Zombie, and he is going to be a miner!

Thats why he looks like, I'm going to make it out of cardboard, it's going to be a pain to walk and stuff, but I'll suffer for cosplay!
And another cosplay will be either Jiraiya (from Naruto) or Link (from Zelda)!

I'm done my art project now for good! All I have to do is an art object drawing and real life sketching, so I'll be grand! Not being cocky, but we got a good model pose, and I got a good object to draw!

And I'm going to finish here as I need sleep, so I'll ask you all, If you had to recommend a anime, which one would you? And if you don't like anime, recommend a TV show! :)

I'll leave you with this image!

It's a Zelda cosplay, but on a cat, I found it on DeviantART. Look at the gallery here!

Thanks guys!



  1. Zelda and minecraft. I like this blogger already.

  2. I wish I was this dedicated to cosplay, neat stuff.

  3. @JustinCKO Thank you very much, I shall check yours out now! :3

    @Deodytus Yeah it's hard work, I'll post photos! :D

  4. Awesome blog! I enjoy reading it! You got yourself a new follower bra!

  5. Dude you're insane. And I thank you for it.

  6. I lol'd at the Cat, so funny.

  7. MMM minecraft! and LOL that cat is amazing hahahha

  8. @Michelangelo I know! :3

    @L-shift I know right? :D

    @Fortissimo Why thank you my friend! :)

    @Xzib1t Same :)

    @PackScoot MMMMMMMM :D And ikr? :D

    @Noyou OR Ganadorf XD

  9. I want that cat, that is the most epic cat I have ever seen!

  10. reminds me a little of the dude who went as a cardboard gundam.

  11. @Mike SAME!

    @lftrpllr507 Like schoolwork and stuff, not drugs xD

    @OldRock Epic! :o

  12. that zelda cat looks so awesome

  13. I can't believe I haven't seen that cat-cosplay before! And good luck on the minecraft cosplay, that's the most original idea I've seen for cosplay in a while.

  14. That is one of the best kitteh pictures I've seen.

  15. Awesome post! Keep us up to date with your costumes! :D

    Some guys on youtube did a Minecraft video and they had costumes maybe you could take inspiration?!

  16. Nice companion pet you got there.

  17. the excellent photography, I like.