Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lateness strikes again!

Hello, and yes I know, it's been like 40 million years since a post, so I got time again to put in a post!
I'll actually tell you what I've been doing lately is going into town, but also, watching shizzle loads of Jersey Shore, it's so good, I finished the first season and after that it gets so good! :D

This has been written over a period of about 4 hours, Facebook keeps distracting me! D:

I also had a little bit of a fail yesterday, I was buying a late birthday present for a friend on Amazon, and so it was €21, so it offers me a Super Saver Delivery thingy, if I spend over €25! So I decided, I'll buy a volume of Naruto, and I go to do so, and I buy volume 47, so when I go off the computer, I go up to my bedroom, where my really big collection of manga is (yes, I am boasting), and I pick up Naruto 45, and I then realised that I bought a volume, a volume ahead, so that means I'm going have to wait till I get volume 46 to read it! D: And I refuse to use manga scans, I hate them and they're stupid! D:
So yep, that happened, not a big fail, but I'll be honest, I'm pretty dull today, cause they're aint nothin' to share!


I was playing The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and I said to myself "why not go back on the Cave of Ordeals?". So I did so, and oh my christ, it was bad enough I couldn't remember how to fucking play, but to the fact and it was dark and I was scared of dying, so it was diffcult! D:

There's the entrance to the Cave of Ordeals!

And good news again, I'm getting another drum kit for the summer!
At the moment I have a Pearl Export kit, it's pretty cool, but it's old!
I was talking to a friend, also a fellow drummer about it today, and he said Tama would be a good one to choose, I love the sound they make, Pearl has a very hard noise, but whatever.

So thats all I'm going to say, this post started at 9pm, it's now 23:54pm, so I better go!
See you all latorrrrs.



  1. Hate manga scans too

  2. @L-shift YEP :D

    @Bruno They're horrible D:

  3. cool blog following and supporting

  4. I love the Naruto manga. I own volumes 1-21, 28 - 29, and 44-47.

  5. @AJay Yep :)

    @Tech Unlocked I own all up to 45, and 47 :D

  6. I love zelda, but sometimes when I get stuck, I get really pissed.

  7. You lost me at "Jersey shore" but I'll give you a free pass ;P

  8. I hate to get stucked, but I love link :)

  9. Great post, followed!

  10. @mindlessfrk Yeah same, usually at the Water Temple

    @Fortissimo thanks :D

    @Najal same, and same xD

    @Andrew thanks :)

  11. Awesome stuff! :D

    Although Manga scans aren't stupid! ;;
    Although sorta wrong yeah sure... The released manga would never come to my location and if it does its like 5 years behind....

    I loved Twilight Princess!
    when I beat the cave I felt amazing best rush from Zelda in a long time.

    Great Post!