Friday, May 27, 2011

Long time, no see!

Hello! And Sorry I haven't updated in about.. 2 weeks?
I have exams, so that means no time for this! D:
But that means I have more to talk about! :D

If any of you guys like drum and bass and all that shizzle, I'd recommend a duo, called "Chase & Status".
Their first album is nice and chill, the second one is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Jizz worthy indeed, fucking amazing, I'd recommend it to all you guys! :3

(Bitchin' album cover 'eh?)

so my exams are officially done on June 23th! I'm done on June 20th though.
they start June 8th! D:

I'm playing Fable III at the moment, what a fucking game, it's fucking immense, but I only rented it, and when I became king, I had to give it back, but my friend's lending me it! :D

does anyone play Grepolis on blogspot? I play it, and I must say, I'm not usually a fan of stragety games, but I love this one and am addicted! xD Takes a lot of time though D:

So, I have stuff to do, so before I go, I will leave you with pictures of none other than!


(Favourite picture evar.)

and last but not least.

So goodbye my good bloggers and followers! :)



  1. Went to see Chase & Status live, IT WAS AMAZING.
    Great new album of theirs.

    Your labels make me laugh haha! :D

    Great post

  2. @MrMrGoose LUCKY DUCK

    @Wolle do!

  3. i liked fable III allthough it was a bit to short for my liking!

  4. Is it cold out in space Bowie?~